C 009

The Celino Hotel

The new Celino Hotel is located along the iconic Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida. The hotel complex consists of three historic Art Deco hotels and a new ground-up structure that houses exclusive suites. Designed in collaboration with S4Architecture, the new building’s main concept was to negate the typical Miami back facade that usually faces and alley used for municipal services such as waste removal. Instead the goal was to create two front facades of which one is facing the ocean and its beach front and the other one faces the hotel’s outdoor amenities. Complemented with large terraces, each suite allows the guests to enjoy privacy of the outdoors. The tapered terraces on the rear connect the new building seamlessly with one of the two the pool areas. Moving the ground pool away from its original location along Ocean Drive towards the inner court of the new building assembly, allows guests to enjoy the sun away from the busy street activities. The center piece of the project is the suspended pool, forty feet above the marble cladded lobby, allowing natural light to float through the public halls and giving guests a spectacular view of what seems to be people floating in the sky.

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